Alicia Tamariz, born in Barcelona, ​​on May 18, 1986, begins to study Jazz with great pianists of the Andalusian scene: Javier Galiana and Juan Galiardo. He attends international seminars by Aaron Goldberg, Miguel Zenón, Jorge Rossy, or Michael Kannan.

In Madrid he takes classes with the pianist and hammonist Pablo Gutiérrez, while working with the Mallorcan show producer «The Crazy Circus of Life» and collaborating on the show of his father, Juan Tamariz, for numerous theaters throughout Spain.
After his tour of South America, playing from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) to Quito (Ecuador), he returns to Spain where he currently teaches at the Center for Modern Arts and Music in Malaga.

He plays and collaborates on different musical projects, including “A Journey to Jazz”, directed by Tete Leal, where the Big Band is combined with the symphony orchestra.

And she gives birth to her first project as a composer, singer and pianist, with the help of great musicians: Andrés Litwin, Carlos Cortés, Joan Masana and Fernando Brox.

At 8 I fell in love with the piano.
In after-lunch recess, instead of going to the playground to play, I kept looking at my classmates during their piano lessons.
Until one day the teacher, Gloria proposed me to be one of her students.
Enthusiastic, I learned a couple of beautiful fundamental melodies («The Turkish March» and «For Elisa») that I repeated tirelessly and with all my feeling.
At 18 I fell in love with Jazz. I had 5 albums (Miles, Coltrane, Duke, Holiday and Mingus), which filled my room with its incredible music and its old power.
When I saw jazz musicians play live, they transmitted to me
depth, freedom, and play.
I wanted to feel that.

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